Private investigators for matrimonial surveillance

It is often the "not knowing" that is the worst aspect of a potentially unfaithful relationship. At Classic Investigations our matrimonial investigations can remove the doubts and either set your mind at ease or provide you with irrefutable evidence to confront the problem.

Obviously, if your partner is being unfaithful, you definitely have the right to know. If they are not, then you need proof in order to alleviate your uncertainty and concern. It is only by having the facts that you can confront your partner or get on with your life.

Our infidelity detectives

At the conclusion of the investigation we provide each client with a full detailed report including an edited DVD, photographs, video if required and sequential log of movements. This provides you with undeniable evidence of any unfaithful behaviour.

Partner surveillance success

Out of the 264 matrimonial and partner investigation cases we have worked in the past 18 months, over 97% of the cases proved that the clients suspicions were correct and they received the evidence to prove it.

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Partner investigation
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Based in Swansea, we are more than happy to travel around the UK and abroad.

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